Beer Menu

Ambers & Red Ales

  • Bell's Amber Ale$5.00
  • Dos Equis (XX) Amber$5.00
  • New Belgium Fat Tire$5.00

American Wheat Ales

  • DuClaw 2Vine Tangerine Wheat (12oz. can)$5.50
  • Wicked Weed Fresh Pressed Wheat Ale$5.00

Belgian Golden

  • Delirium Tremens$14.00
  • Duvel Belgian Golden Ale$10.00
  • Wild Heaven Invocation$5.15

Belgian Strong Ales/Wee Heavy

  • Spencer Trappist Holiday Ale$9.60

Belgian Tripel

  • Delirium Noel$14.00
  • Victory Golden Monkey$6.00
  • Victory Sour Monkey$6.00

Blonde Ales

  • 4 Sons Brewing Sour K Blonde Ale$5.50
  • Crosstown Siren Blonde$5.00
  • Diamond Bear Strawberry Blonde Ale$5.00
  • Ghost River Gold Golden Ale$5.00
  • Southern Prohibition Suzy B Blonde$5.00


  • Rogue Dead Guy Ale$5.50
  • Shiner Bock$4.50

Brown Ales

  • 4 Hands Cast Iron Oatmeal Brown Ale$5.00
  • Bell's Best Brown Ale (12oz. btl)$5.00
  • DuClaw Dirty Little Freak$5.50
  • Rogue Hazelnut Brown$5.50
  • Southern Grist Chop It Up$8.20


  • 101 Cider House Cactus Rose$9.00
  • 101 Cider House Frosted Tips$9.00
  • 101 Cider House Gunpowder Guava$9.00
  • 101 Cider House Scrumpy$9.00
  • 101 Cider House Sunlit$9.00
  • Ace's Pineapple Cider$4.50
  • Angry Orchard Crisp Apple$5.00
  • Diskin 615 Fruit Tea Cider$6.50
  • Diskin Local AF Blackberry Vanilla Port Cider$9.50
  • Diskin Resolution Cinnamon Spice Cider$9.50
  • Isastegi Basque Cider (Spain)$15.00
  • Maeloc Cidery Blackberry (Spain)$6.00
  • Maeloc Cidery Pineapple & Pear (Spain)$6.00
  • Noble Cider Lemon & Elderflower Hard Cider Spritzer (12oz. can)$6.00
  • Noble Cider Orange & Jasmine Tea Hard Cider Spritzer (12oz. can)$6.00
  • Noble Cider Royal Peach$7.00
  • Noble Cider Spice Merchant$7.70
  • Noble Cider Village Tart Cherry Cider (12oz. can)$7.50
  • Potter’s Cider Cranberry Orange Blossom$7.70
  • Potter's Cider Farmhouse Dry (750ml)$30.00
  • Potter’s Cider Mangoses Revenge$9.75
  • Shacksbury Cidery Arlo$8.50
  • Shacksbury Cidery The Vermonter$8.50
  • Stem Cider Lavender$6.85
  • Stem Cider Pear$5.00
  • Stem Cider Raspberry$5.00
  • Stem Cider Real Dry$5.00
  • Woodchuck Amber$5.00
  • Woodchuck Raspberry$5.00

Cream Ale

  • New Heights Coffee and Cream Ale$7.50
  • New Heights Nothing Fancy Cream Ale$7.00

Domestics (Flavored Water)

  • Bud Light$3.50
  • Bud Light Lime$3.50
  • Budweiser$3.50
  • Coors Light$3.50
  • Pabst Blue Ribbon (16oz)$3.50
  • Yeungling Lager (16oz. can)$3.50

Double IPAs

  • Bearded Iris Another Suggestion Double IPA$9.60
  • Bearded Iris Attention Please Double IPA$9.60
  • Bearded Iris Chief of Chiefs Double IPA$9.60
  • Bearded Iris Ditto Double IPA$10.25
  • Bearded Iris Double Scatterbrain Double IPA$9.60
  • Bearded Iris Ever Clever DDH Double IPA$9.60
  • Bearded Iris Very Varied Double IPA$9.60
  • Bearded Iris Vice Versa Double IPA$9.60
  • Crosstown Full Nelson Double IPA$8.75
  • Destihl Deadhead IPA Series Haze of the Dead (16oz. can)$7.50
  • DuClaw Nordic Swell Dbl. IPA$9.00
  • Southern Grist People Power Double IPA$12.25
  • Southern Prohibition Crowd Control$5.00
  • Wicked Weed Freak of Nature Double IPA$5.50

Draft Beer

  • Crosstown Solstice Mint Chocolate Stout (16 oz. Draft - Not Available for To-Go orders)$6.50
  • High Cotton Chocolate Rye Porter (16 oz. Draft - Not Available for To-Go Orders)$6.50
  • Memphis Made Alt Radio Altbier (16 oz. Draft - Not Available for To-Go Orders)$6.50
  • Terrapin Moo Hoo Chocolate Milk Stout (16 oz. Draft - Not Available for To-Go Orders)$7.50

Fruit Ales

  • Crosstown Dog Days Pink Lemonade Shandy$5.00
  • Sweetwater Blue$5.00


  • Boulevard Hibiscus Gose (12oz. can)$4.50
  • Captain Lawrence Tropigose (16oz. can)$7.50
  • Destihl Wild Sour Series Here Gose Nothin'$5.00
  • Destihl Wild Sour Series Key Lime Pie Gose (12oz. can)$6.50
  • Destihl Wild Sour Series Salted Watermelon Gose (12oz. can)$6.50
  • DSSOLVR Plumberry Buddies Gose (16oz. can)$11.00
  • DuClaw Gose O's$5.50
  • DuClaw Purple Passion Gose Ale (12oz. can)$6.00
  • Founders Mas Agave Imperial Gose with Grapefruit$9.50
  • Hi-Wire Citra Gose$5.00
  • Living Waters Dawson Gose$11.00
  • Living Waters Desoto Gose$11.00
  • Living Waters Multnomah Blueberry Muffin Gose (16oz. can)$10.50
  • Living Waters Sakai Gose$11.00
  • Tailgate Watermelon Gose$6.00
  • Terrapin Watermelon Gose$6.00
  • Westbrook Gose$5.50
  • Westbrook Key Lime Pie Gose$7.00
  • Westbrook Lemon Cucumber Gose$5.50


  • Edmund's Oast Coin Operated Belgian-style Ale (16 oz. can)$8.00
  • Garden Path The Easygoing Drink Skagitonian Grisette (750ml)$26.00

Hefeweizens & German Wheats

  • Boulevard Unfiltered Wheat$4.50
  • Hi-Wire Uprisin' Hefeweizen$5.00


  • 4 Hands Incarnation IPA$5.00
  • Ballast Point Grapefruit Sculpin$5.50
  • Bearded Iris Clairvoyant Clear IPA$9.00
  • Bearded Iris Homestyle IPA$9.00
  • Bearded Iris Hotline IPA$9.60
  • Bearded Iris Mixed Signals IPA$9.00
  • Bearded Iris Tunnel Vision DDH IPA$9.60
  • Bearded Iris Tunnel Vision Double Dry-Hopped IPA$9.00
  • Bell's 2 Hearted Ale$6.00
  • Captain Lawrence Citra Dreams Hazy IPA (16oz can)$7.75
  • Captain Lawrence Jam Joose IPA$9.50
  • Crosstown Traffic IPA$5.00
  • D9 Tropi-Culture - Jaboticaba IPA$8.40
  • Elysian Spacedust$5.50
  • Equilibrium Fractal Galaxy IPA$12.75
  • Equilibrium Seven IzzUp IPA$14.00
  • Founders All Day$5.00
  • Ghost River Zippin Pippin IPA$5.00
  • High Cotton IPA$5.00
  • Lagunitas IPA$5.00
  • Maine Lunch IPA$18.00
  • Monday Night brewing Blind Pirate IPA$5.00
  • New Belgium Sour IPA (12 oz. can)$5.00
  • New Belgium Voodoo Ranger 1985 IPA (12oz. can)$5.00
  • Rogue Newport Daze Hazy IPA (12oz. can)$5.00
  • Rogue Pineapple Party Punch IPA (16oz. can)$8.50
  • Sierra Nevada 40th Hoppy Anniversary Ale$5.00
  • Sierra Nevada Northern Hemisphere Wet Hop IPA 2020 (12oz. btl)$6.50
  • Sloop Brewing Co. Juice Bomb IPA$6.00
  • Sloop Brewing Super Soft IPA (12 oz. can)$6.50
  • Sloop NO Pumpkin IPA$10.25
  • Sloop Pixie Dust IPA$10.25
  • Southern Grist Mixed Greens DDH IPA$9.60
  • Southern Prohibition Altered Beast IPA (12 oz. can)$5.50
  • Southern Prohibition Devil's Harvest IPA$5.00
  • Southern Prohibition Paradise Lose Double Dry-Hopped IPA$11.00
  • Stone Arrogant Bastard Ale$6.00
  • Stone Scorpion Bowl IPA
  • Stone Tangerine Express
  • Stone Tiki Escape IPA$5.50
  • Sun Lab All We Perceive IPA$11.60
  • Sun Lab Love Like This IPA$9.60
  • Terrapin Hopsecutioner$5.00
  • Terrapin Up Hi IPA$5.00
  • Westbrook Citrus Redacted IPA (16 oz)$11.50
  • Westbrook Orange Pineapple Shake IPA$12.20
  • Westbrook Rinse/Repeat Simcoe Mosaic IPA$10.25
  • Wicked Weed Appalachia Session IPA$5.00
  • Wicked Weed Lt. Dank IPA$5.00
  • Wicked Weed Pernicious IPA$5.40
  • Wild Heaven Wiseblood IPA$5.15
  • Wild Mind Rented Luxury IPA$11.50
  • Wiseacre Ananda IPA$5.00


  • Dos Equis (XX) Lager$5.00
  • DSSOLVR It's Smiling Right At Me Lemon Lime Lager (16oz. can)$8.50
  • Grind City Brewing Viva Las Lager Honey Lager$5.00
  • Heineken$5.00
  • Hi-Wire Hi-Wire Loves AVL (Collaboration with DSSOLVR & High Noon Coffee)$6.50
  • High Cotton Mexican Lager
  • Peroni (16oz)$5.00
  • Southern Grist Minami Crisp$7.50
  • Southern Grist Southern Grits Lager$6.50
  • Southern Prohibition Light$3.50
  • Southern Prohibition Light with Pineapple and Strawberry$5.00
  • Spaten Lager$5.00
  • Stone Buenaveza Lager
  • Wiseacre Memphis Sands Lager$5.00
  • Yeungling Lager (16oz. can)$3.50


  • Lindeman's Peche$9.00

Local Memphis Brews

  • Crosstown Dog Days Pink Lemonade Shandy$5.00
  • Crosstown Siren Blonde$5.00
  • Crosstown Terraplane Pilsner$5.00
  • Ghost River Zippin Pippin IPA$5.00
  • Grind City Brewing Viva Las Lager Honey Lager$5.00
  • High Cotton Mexican Lager
  • Wiseacre Ananda IPA$5.00
  • Wiseacre Memphis Sands Lager$5.00
  • Wiseacre Sun Bump Belgian Style Wit Ale$5.00
  • Wiseacre Tiny Bomb American Pilsner$5.00


  • Meridian Hive Meadery Blackberry Mead$7.00
  • Meridian Hive Meadery Blueberry Mead$7.00
  • Meridian Hive Meadery Honey Mead$7.00
  • Meridian Hive Meadery Lemon Mead$7.00
  • Meridian Hive Meadery Peach Mead$7.00
  • Meridian Hive Meadery Rose Mead$9.00


    Pale Ales

    • Boddington's$5.50
    • Crosstown Ocansey$5.00
    • Equilibrium Baby Roo Dream Field Shoes Pale Ale$11.00
    • Oskar Blues Dale's Pale Ale$5.00
    • Sweetwater 420$5.00
    • Westbrook One Claw Pale Ale$5.50


    • Bearded Iris Pep Talk Pilsner$7.00
    • Crosstown Terraplane Pilsner$5.00
    • Oskar Blues Momma's Little Yella Pils$5.00
    • Pilsner Urquell$5.00
    • Wild Heaven Emergency Drinking Beer$4.00
    • Wiseacre Tiny Bomb American Pilsner$5.00


    • DuClaw Sweet Baby Java$5.50
    • DuClaw Sweet Baby Jesus$5.50
    • High Cotton Chocolate Rye Porter (12oz. can)$5.00

    Saisons & Farmhouse Ales

    • Boulevard Tank 7$6.00
    • Garden Path The Dry Hopped Streams Well (750ml)$26.00

    Scotch Ales & Wee Heavy

    • Founders Dirty Bastard$5.00
    • Oskar Blues Old Chub$5.00

    Scottish Ales

    • High Cotton Scottish Ale$5.00

    Seltzer & Malt Beverages

    • Arnold Palmer Spiked Tea$5.00
    • Bravazzi Hard Italian Soda - Blood Orange$4.50
    • Bravazzi Hard Italian Soda - Clementine$4.50
    • Bravazzi Hard Italian Soda - Grapefruit$4.50
    • Bravazzi Hard Italian Soda - Limonata$4.50
    • Destihl - Agave Lime Seltzer$5.00
    • Destihl - Lemon Ginger Seltzer$5.00
    • Destihl - Pina Colada Seltzer$5.00
    • Destihl - Raspberry Lime Seltzer$5.00
    • Makku Blueberry Makgeolli (Korean Rice Beer)$7.00
    • Makku Mango Makgeolli (Korean Rice Beer)$7.00
    • Makku Original Makgeolli (Korean Rice Beer)$7.00
    • Smirnoff Watermelon Seltzer$5.00
    • Truly Pomegranate Seltzer$5.00
    • Truly Rose$5.00
    • White Claw Black Cherry$5.00
    • White Claw Mango$5.00
    • White Claw Ruby Red Grapefruit$5.00

    Smoked Ales

    • Yazoo Sue$7.00

    Sour Ales

    • 4 Sons Brewing Sour K Blonde Ale$5.50
    • 4 Sons Sour K II (12oz. can)$5.50
    • Connecticut Valley Magic Dragon - Dragon Fruit/Passion Fruit Sour Ale$12.00
    • Crosstown Crazy Uncle$8.75
    • D9 Carnaval - Passion Fruit Sour Ale$7.70
    • Destihl Wild Sour Series Flanders Red$5.00
    • Dogfish Head Sea-Quench Ale$5.00
    • DuClaw My My My Key Lime Pie Hopped Sour (12oz. can)$6.00
    • DuClaw Sour Me America Rocket Pop Sour Ale$8.50
    • DuClaw Sour Me Unicorn Farts Glittered Sour Ale$8.50
    • DuClaw Call Me Maurice Hopped Sour$6.00
    • DuClaw Sour Me Strawberry Rhubarb Pie$8.50
    • DuClaw Strawberry Letter 23 Hopped Sour (12oz. can)$6.00
    • Edmund's Oast Sour Blackberry Raspberry (16 oz. can)$9.50
    • Edmund’s Oast Sour Boysenberry Plum$9.75
    • Edmund's Oast Sour Guava and Tangerine (16 oz. can)$9.50
    • Edmund's Oast Sour Mango Strawberry$8.50
    • Hi-Wire Citra Gose$5.00
    • Hi-Wire Pink Lemonade Sour$5.00
    • New Belgium Sour IPA (12 oz. can)$5.00
    • New Heights My My My Mimosa Sour Ale$9.60
    • New Heights Samurye Voodoo Dark Rye Sour Ale$9.60
    • Orpheus Intertiatic Sour Ale$9.50
    • Orpheus Over & Over & Over Sour Ale$7.50
    • Rogue Marionberry Sour$8.00
    • Sierra Nevada Wild Little Thing$5.00
    • Southern Grist Boil The Ocean Sour Ale$9.50
    • Southern Grist Breakfast Bowl Raspberry Retreat$15.00
    • Southern Grist Ice Cream Paint Job on a '98 Avalon$13.50
    • Southern Grist Imperial Double Fruited Caprison (16oz. can)$13.00
    • Southern Grist Kakigori$11.60
    • Southern Grist Vanilla Red & Blue (16oz. can)
    • Sun Lab Shine So Bright Sour$10.25
    • Terrapin Watermelon Gose$6.00
    • Victory Berry Tart Monkey (16.9 oz)$22.00
    • Victory Sour Monkey$6.00
    • Westbrook Gose$5.50
    • Westbrook It's Tiki Time Sour Ale (16oz. can)$11.00
    • Westbrook Key Lime Pie Gose$7.00
    • Westbrook Lassi If Cherry Is Your Thing Sour Ale (16oz can)$12.25
    • Westbrook Lemon Meringue Pie Sour Ale$11.00
    • Wicked Weed Burst Watermelon Sour$5.00
    • Wild Mind Apocalypse Party Club$14.75
    • Wild Mind Electric Rainbows$13.50
    • Wild Mind Strawberry Numbers XXIII$13.50

    Spiced Ale


      • 4 Hands Absence of Light Peanut Butter Chocolate Stout$7.70
      • 4 Hands Chocolate Milk Stout$5.15
      • Bearded Iris Ink Drop Imperial Stout$12.00
      • Bell's Special Double Cream Sweet Stout (12oz. btl)$5.00
      • Breakside Salted Caramel Stout (22oz)$16.00
      • Crosstown Solstice Mint Chocolate Stout$5.00
      • Destihl Moonjumper - Milk Stout$5.00
      • DuClaw Pastry-Archy (16 oz)$8.50
      • DuClaw For Pete’s Sake Imperial Stout$6.00
      • Founders Big Luscious Stout (12oz. btl)$5.00
      • Founders Breakfast Stout (12 oz. btl)$6.50
      • Guinness Draught (16 oz)$5.50
      • Jackalope Snowman Stout$5.00
      • New Heights Navel Gazer Imperial Stout$10.00
      • Stone Xocoveza Imperial Stout (12oz. can)
      • Sweetwater 420 Chocolope Stout$5.00
      • Westbrook 1st Anniversary Mexican Cake$35.00
      • Westbrook Gates of S'moredore (22 oz)$25.00
      • Wicked Weed Brownie Imperial Stout (12oz. can)
      • Wicked Weed German Chocolate Cake Imperial Stout (12oz. can)
      • Wicked Weed Milk & Cookies Imperial Stout (12oz. can)
      • Wicked Weed S'Mores Imperial Stout (12oz. can)

      Triple IPA

      • Untitled Art Hazier Triple IPA$11.50

      Witbiers & Belgian Wheats

      • 4 Hands Ripple White Ale$5.00
      • Blue Moon$5.00
      • Wiseacre Sun Bump Belgian Style Wit Ale$5.00